Floral Part 2

FLORALPART2BI got to wear the Oasis floral pencil skirt again with the Sergio Rossi heels for a dinner out. FLORALPART2CAlso a vintage item, a Chanel silk blouse from the 90’s that I haven’t worn for a long while. It came with a matching removeable scarf and the second time I got it dry cleaned, they lost it. I was completely heartbroken, as you can imagine and from then on, I’ve always loathed and distrusted dry cleaners. I can’t remember how much I paid for it at the time but I do remember the elation of finding such a beautiful treasure that fit me in the store in Old Bond Street. I wore it a lot both for work and casually.FLORALPART2DI’m so happy to wear it again – it was one of those things I used to keep for best but no more. It’s proof enough that good quality, timeless pieces simply never die! You just wear it in a different way. The silk is actually quite thick – a satin back crêpe – with very slim sleeves – sorry I didn’t think to take off the cardigan!FLORALPART2I’m still so in love with this skirt. My skirt update is completed and this is the only new pencil shape I added, the rest are flared.

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7 thoughts on “Floral Part 2

  1. Blighty

    I love your skirt. The story about the Chanel blouse and the drycleaners makes me shudder, the horror! It’s such an elegant blouse. I also distrust drycleaners, I handwash my Hermès silk twill scarves rather than entrust them to a drycleaner. So terrified that despite being told not to, they will stick pin through the scarf to attach the ticket. 😱

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I don’t recall them doing that to my H scarves to be honest but I do worry about handwashing the ones that have high colour contrast for fear of any colour run.

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