Cashmeres to Silk and Bouclé

SILKBOUCLE2Here from …CASHMERESCOLLAGE2The weather dictated cashmere top to fleece lined toes but it didn’t feel so good. These days I’m listening to my feel-good inner voice. It’s not that I’m prepared to sacrifice comfort – I gave that up for the most part when I was 15 – I just want to find alternatives that serve both the practical AND feel good factors.SILK2With discreet silk underlayering, I added more silk, a graphic print shirt by Jaeger and the Mango grey cashmere cardigan. Still not quite there …. so changed into the wool bouclé Paule Ka from here and the Sergio Rossi knee boots. SILKBOUCLE3 Better proportion and silhouette. (Please excuse the mess on the floor ..) Still warm and comfortable … plus shades of the 70’s – bonus!SILKBOUCLEMy girls reminded me to button up my shirt that I obviously forgot to do and when my reply was that I meant to leave it undone, Teen insisted. It’s true, just like Cate Blancett who was recently quoted sharing the same feeling – I am a complete embarassment … erm, how long will this phase last?

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Cashmeres to Silk and Bouclé

  1. Jan Graham-McMillen

    Please remember that “teen” is just that, and you’ll probably commit some sin that will embarrass them no matter what you do. Wear your shirt the way you intended to originally. Always. Your taste is superb, and “teen” will one day admire you for it. Harrumph.
    Looking elegant, and I like the change to the sleeker, more delicate boot. Always a pleasure to visit.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much Jan! I hope so and in the meantime I try to be as true to myself as possible – without scaring the kids lol!
      My boots are some of best investments and am always on the look out for more – sadly. I am hoping a beautiful Spring has come to where you are and will bring all the good people out to you 🙂

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