Denim, Blue and Suede Love

MBFW_FW15_FRAMEdenim_jkratochvil_9803-682x1024When I started wearing jeans again after a long hiatus of a decade, I never thought my new found love of denim would extend to shirts, skirts and tops too. And it continues with an adoration of this look above (by Frame Denim). Everything about it is perfect – wearable and chic. It’s an interpretation of the 70’s yet is both modern and forward looking.p.txtHere is the wonderful Mai Tai wearing a beautiful casual coat and carrying a Picotin in Bleu Sapphire – I love how it looks with black and blue jeans. One of my favourite outfits of hers. snake3I also adore this suede dress. The shape and details are just perfect not to mention the colour and styling. In my own life, I’m going to have to channel the look with accessories instead. Unless this sort of dress is available in that pretend suede usually found in those catalogue clothes and sofas …

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