Spring: Lighten Up

NATURAL2Still very cold but often very bright and sunny recently so even though warmth continues to be a priority, I need to see and wear lighter colours.NATURAL3I love wearing vintage casually with everyday jeans. When I first began to buy vintage, it never crossed my mind to wear them any other way. This Jaeger coat is a treasure along with my vintage Kelly Chamonix. The colour is beige and even though it’s vintage, this leather does not tend to darken with time. It’s duller and I find it slighter thicker than Box leather.NATURALIt really helps to keep my feet warm in the fleece lined wedge ankle boots.NATURAL5Gap Men jumper, Hermès 90cm carré, Brazil and vintage M&S belt. VNDALA similar sellier construction for the Dalvy bag in Vache Naturel here, here, here, here and here which is thicker and heavier. It’s more of a blonde shade compared to Chamonix and will over time darken a lot potentially. I fell in love with this shape long ago and the single handle carry. It’s actually ok to leave the bag open for a few moments since it doesn’t open very wide at all. VNDAL3I’m always drawn natural coloured bags and use them a lot in Spring/Summer although I’d love more colour. Having said that, it’s difficult for me to carry coloured bags as I have enough trouble wearing more colours as it is so perhaps the way forward is small dashes of colours I love. VNDAL4I don’t really dress up my jeans any further than this 🙂 No addition of the heels or bling although I love to seeing how others do it, it’s just not me … right now, who knows for the future since I would never have predicted wearing jeans so much again. I even thought I could do without them in my wilderness years – I know – utter madness!

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Spring: Lighten Up

  1. gk

    The colours in the scarf are so beautiful and what a lovely accent it provides to your outfit – a finishing touch!
    I should add jeans back into my wardrobe, about a decade ago I decided no more jeans for some reason. Of course I need to lose a bit of weight first…

  2. lady sarah in london

    Love the camel with the powder blue, lovely combination. And The kelly … Just divine! I am considering an hermes scarf but I ve never managed to wear them non chalant. I am more of a faliero Sarti kind of woman. 😄

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I hear great things about Sarti scarves, The H have been much neglected during the move except for the scarves which were out and perfect to keep my neck warm in between houses during the cold.


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