Dash of Yellow

YELLBLUE2Linking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday #152

Rushing around but still keeping it together just about. Only a few months ago I realised how important yellow is to me.YELLBLUEYellow makes me appear tanned rather than a (more) sickly beige. I like it best with grey or blue. The short trench is Gap, Aran jumper is Mango, Gap Always Skinny jeans (but sized up so they are looser than skinny but more fitted than bf – so exacting with my denim nowadays!). Clarks Girl leather trainers – please excuse the socks – my lingerie update is delayed and the tote as a shoulder bag is by Céline with a canvas strap. YELLBLUE3I really love the Brazil design of the scarf and some day may be lucky enough to find another colourway to add to the collection.

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