Pastels and Spring Tweed

PASTEL2Last outfits using my neighbour’s fence as backdrop. Ever. We moved, before finishing unpacking or anything, launched straight into sleepover party mode for Teen’s belated birthday celebration and big family gathering for Easter! Vintage Wetherall tweed coat in sky sblue/cream/beige also here, is a perfect cover up for Spring. It takes a while for me to peel off the layers and I’m still wearing a thermal vest under The Cashmere Company jumper.PASTELGap 1969 bf jeans and Clarks Girl leather sneakers mean it’s a run around day. PASTEL3I like wearing vintage like this the best – thrown over denim and not at all in a precious way. I adore tweed but it doesn’t adore me: one word – bulk. So I work around it and try to avoid sharp shoulder lines, putting it on my waist and fussy shapes.PASTEL4Love how this bronze leather vintage Céline tote/bowling bag tones in with most things.PASTEL5With another vintage treasure, Jaeger camel coat. I sometimes carry my bag like this but usually I’m the sling-it-over-your-shoulder type since I have other things to carry or a child’s hand to hold or my Beloved’s – yeah, after all these years we still hold hands walking along.PASTEL8I dread the day I have to give this coat a decent burial … then find its replacement. PASTEL7And it’s a wrap!LIGHTJEANSMango jumper, Zara Girl gingham shirt, Gap 1969 Petite jeans, Sam Edelman ankle boots, vintage Céline bagLIGHTJEANS2

These Petite fit jeans really do not fit as well as the regular versions sadly. Live and learn.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Pastels and Spring Tweed

  1. Blighty

    Goodbye Neighbour’s Fence, your time in the limelight with the elegant Silk Path Diary is over, we warned you to raise your game but day after day you wore the same grey coat…

  2. Vix

    Goodbye fence and can’t wait to see the new background. I love Wetherall, my purple cape is made by them. I sold a coat very similar to yours, it was reversible with a heathery pink reverse, I’d have kept it if it was smaller! xxx

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      We got a house less than 20 years old so have the space but I’m trying to take away the ‘squareness’ and make it look older lol! I love all the old English Heritage brands (think that’s what they’re called) and the coat you sold sounds gorgeous! This one was listed as being for a size 16 which of course as you can see is not true. xxx

  3. gk

    I love the way you mix in your vintage items, really lovely outfits! You’re so good at layering without looking bulky. I don’t seem to be able to manage that, but I’m working on it. I’ll miss the neighbours fence! Hope you and your beautiful family are settling well into your new nest – maybe you’ll add in decorating posts in the future!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks GK! You’re the only one to miss the fence 🙂 I think the under layers are more important to me since the thermals mean I can wear ‘normal’ layers of jumper and coat. Some even manage a jacket in between but that never ever works with my broad shoulders.
      Decorating posts would be quite boring I’m afraid since I won’t be able to do any interesting transformations in the near future. I think the first year will be about using and living with what we have and making notes for adaptions and future decorating.


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