First Look

SKYLINENew home, new skyline ….EASTERWINDOWSILL The first effort in making our new home pretty during Easter among the boxes and mess. Mostly mess.EASTERCLOSEBought these Hyacinths from the local supermarket and couldn’t even repot them or anything. I’ve had these Easter decorations for years from when my kids were babies. It was fun trying to adapt all over again to a new interior (normally I put them outside in plant pots and scattered with other decorations for an Egg Hunt in the garden but the rain was too much and the ground didn’t dry out in time for the day. EASTERVASEA very restraint stash of treats! And a few more eggs and chicks around the house …EASTERWINDOWBelow is the more true to life colour of the carnations. CARNATIONSNot sure if they’re shown best in this particular vase but I don’t have many. EASTERWINDOW2 I normally put these chicks and eggs into flower pots outside but decided to be safe than sorry with potential rain so they went in random glass jars I already had.CHICKSEGGSMaybe next year, I’ll remember to tie ribbon around the jars … DOOREGGS3Clusters on doors. DOOREGGS2There are tiny baskets, each containing an even tinier chick, I scatter around the garden for a Hunt but they were redundant this year. Maybe next year …. DOOREGGSFIRST2First outfit shot inside. Wrong boots again! But it was too cold for the black leather …FIRST3Went out for brunch to break up the monotony of unpacking. Still unseasonally cold. When will it be Spring?

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “First Look

  1. Sue

    I think you did really well! At least you tried to decorate and make it feel all Easter like. It’s something that I don’t actually do. I make the effort for Christmas but I’m one of those, no sooner has something gone up, I want to take it all down again. Even if the hubs puts an extra wine bottle on the work top, after a day or so, I feel the need to “move it on”. Having said that, I’m a bit rubbish with ornaments but not as bad as a friend who doesn’t have them as it’s less to dust 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! The truth is I very nearly didn’t bother as I am a bit like you with regards to ‘extra’ decoration, always wanting to get back to the original state. At the same time I have to agree with your friend and compromise by keeping hard to dust ornaments in a display cabinet. Dust is my enemy!


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