Home: Back to Basics

URNYes, the move was mad and only slightly less so a month on. I’ve been reading blogs a little and able to comment less but hope to be back on track soon. In the meantime I’ve learnt more than expected from the entire process. Obviously planning and organisation will always help to ease the way forward but I learnt something better: the meaning and value of Patience.

CURTAINDANCEI was careful not to load the new house with too many promises such as ‘I’m going to exercise more in the new house’ or ‘I am going to cook more in the new house’. Someone close to me once said ‘I’m going to stop smoking when we move house’, that was 5 years ago and guess what, they still smoke! Just like making New Year Resolutions, it can be futile and I don’t need the disappointment! The one thing I knew would change was the dynamics and interaction of our family. I now have effectively 2 teens and my youngest has fast forwarded herself to pre-teen mode at barely 10 years old! I want our home to be comfortable, safe and fun for us all and our visitors. Of all the things I considered in this post, we have found at least 95% which is pretty much perfect in practical terms. In our first fortnight, we had a sleepover, a whole day with family including 2 meal sittings for 9 and cake/tea breaks in between and an impromptu supper for 7 (on top of the usual family meals/snacks three times a day due to the school holidays). It’s unusual for us in a fortnight. We could have done it at the old house but with difficulty, here, we managed it with relative ease. This makes ALL the difference to me. This is what I mean by the flow of our family life.WOODSWe still need a lot longer to fully explore the possibilities but I’m confident we can adapt easily as our lives continue to unfold from here on. The best bit is that we don’t need to change anything in the house inside or outside. At least nothing major, just small tweaks here and there. I never considered moving AND tackling major renovations or even redecorating. Most everything has to work from the start. I even resisted buying more furniture until we knew it was unavoidable only after repurposing and adapting where possible. I will have to think about decoration and I do have specific ideas BUT the true challenge will be how to work them into what we already have. The easiest things would be to start over but it’s not an option so it will be a longer creative process. The one common theme is time. And I like that. I’ve begun to feel the need to slow down. I am not the most patient person in the world and my new home is teaching me it. There are things I want to plant in the garden but will not see grown until next Spring. Oh goodness, don’t get me started on the garden 🙂PINKHYACINTHSIndoors, we now have space to play games, I mean real family games rather than on ipads, wii et al. In fact we don’t subscribe to watching tv anymore and so far so good!MUSIC100BIRDTime for music and gazing at pictures packed away for too long. This picture is of the ‘100 Bird’ type and each bird has a particular significance for good luck, good relationships, prosperity etc. There’s room to put up lots more family photos too. We’ll have have fun swapping and changing things round. It’s good to be home!

Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “Home: Back to Basics

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! Not watercolour – it’s all silk embroidery on a silk background – a very common thing and you’ll find at least one in most if not all Oriental homes.

  1. gk

    Such lovely photos, it sounds like you have been fortunate enough to find a true family home. I’m very fond of making do with what is on hand, it cultivates creativity and appreciation for imperfection.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I hope so but know it’ll take a long while to really settle in. I truly wanted to avoid accumulating more furniture but there is about 2-3 pieces that we could use right now and I am forcing myself to wait as long as possible to see if we can’t do without and to find unique pieces if we do need them. One thing that came back into use is a side table that we had 3 houses ago, it’s too wide for the hallway now so it’s in the living room and amazingly enough matches the fireplace not only in colour but style of carving. I’ve juggled some of the other furniture around as well so will have to wait and see how things work out.

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