Spring Flowers

CARNATIONS - CopyCARNATIONS2I don’t normally choose strong colours for the house but these are the mini carnations that looked too happy to ignore. Flowers for the house is such a luxury and my goal is to grow my own of course so there’d be some sort of flowers all year round. Many years ago, when my first daughter was only a few weeks old and we were staying at my mother’s house, one of her good friends, ‘M’, visited to meet the new grandchild for the first time. M has a beautiful house and garden and she brought me a gorgeous little posy picked from that garden. It was so thoughtful and I wished I had dried those flowers to keep.CARNATIONS4I love the variety in this bouquet. The shorter side branches were put in a smaller bunch for Teen’s windowsill. I like the flash of red.WINDOWSWEEPAnd lilies are always, always so dramatic!LILLIES - CopyEvery angle is different. There’s no better adornment and scent than flowers in a home.STAMENS2I’m surprised they lasted this long, over a week when these photos were taken. I do take care to change the water every couple of days and then will resort to using the supplied plant food sachets.LILLIES2 - CopyI love seeing the textures.STAMENSAnd the hyacinths .. this one refuses to flower, instead the leaves grow bigger everyday …?HYACINTH - CopyThe pink ones are almost finished bloomign already. With flash that shows up the contrast of the yellow centres.PINKHYACINTH - CopyWithout flash.PINKHYACINTH2 - CopyTULIPSSome tulips already slightly opened and a lovely jewel colour for Teen’s room. I’d love to put a little vase of flowers in my Sweetie girl’s room too but seriously, even though she has more space, I can hardly get into it … some things never change … 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. Vix

    I love the smell of hyacinths. I used to grow them on the windowsill in glass vases from bulbs. Such joy when they burst into flower! x


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