Casual Cool Spring

TANCASUAL3On cold days during Spring, I stick with the casual jumper/jeans and just throw on a warm coat – feet must be warm too and these M&S Boy brogues are perfect.TANCASUAL2A splash of colour is essentialto balance all the neutrals.TANCASUALThe sturdy brogues and coat make me feel a bit Land Girl – I love the tailoring and style of the 40’s anyway. It looks like we’ll need to hang onto our coats for a while longer and I’m going to bring out another similar vintage coat to use.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Casual Cool Spring

  1. Blighty

    The boy brogues look perfect on you, I think because you are very petite and feminine looking. I am reassured that you have gone back into your winter coat, I wore a light jacket today and was COLD! I too need to retreat into a proper coat again. Your post reminds me to get my brogues re-soled and back into action, though I don’t look as cute as you in them. But it is nice to wear properly constructed footwear!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks very much! I so agree with you about properly made shoes. Hopefully we will enter Spring properly this coming week – we live in hope! I’m dying to put my coats away 🙂


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