Closet Basics: Spring Denim

SPRINGDENIM4Linking to Happines at Midlife for the Thursday Throw Back link up

I do apologise for the hair! It has a mind of its own … So I’m finally embracing the concept of a uniform when in casual mode and in Spring, this has to be mostly about denim. And I am loving this little navy cotton trench! SPRINGDENIM3The trench is very light to wear, fully lined so glides on and off easily . My jeans are in fact grey and the denim shirt is a grey blue but my photos have come up quite blue.SPRINGDENIM2 Vintage Céline saddle bag seems to get better with age. I always try to go back to the original where possible and being a hoarder, whatever *fashion* is doing, I can usually find something I can use if it works for me. My Sweetie girl advised me against the darker Marc Jacobs pair of slippers here so I changed into these Cobra Society in light tan.SPRINGDENIM5The Mango tan cashmere cardi is proving to be a year round essential. My favourite check shirt by Gap Boy, vintage M&S belt and Gap bf jeans in a greyish blue wash. The trouble with posing in the grass is that your feet disappear (I was wearing the pointy toe brogues). I’m building up the courage to mow the grass for the first time ….

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5 thoughts on “Closet Basics: Spring Denim

  1. pret a porter p

    The tan accents compliment the denim perfectly. Is the bag vintage enough to be from the Michael Kors era?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! That’s a very good question – it’s certainly possible but I don’t know how old the bag is exactly. I suspect it is from the 80’s though so before MK.

  2. Blighty

    You look cute in your denim combo. That tan cardigan is great, very chic. The bag is TDF. Or in my case TEHMF – To embezzle housekeeping money for.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I don’t know why I didn’t have a tan cardi before last Winter. I like it best with white and blues. I was lucky to be buying vintage Celine in the years before Phoebe Philo joined so found a few treasures. You can still find them at a very reasonable price.

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