Denim: Vintage Mix with Croco and Suede

DENIMBUFFCLOSELinking to Patti’s Not Dead Yet Style blog for Visible Monday

I am really, really enjoying my denim these days! As always I love to throw in my vintage pieces. The shoes are by Rayne in buff suede – I call them my Queen Mum (due to being made by the Royal shoemaker) or Granny shoes! And on the subject of the Royal family, let me just say how very beautiful our brand new little Princess of Cambridge is who was born yesterday!DENIMBUFFA little over 2 years ago, if anyone told me I would be wearing denim this much (after a decade long abstinence) and not just for the weekends, I simply would not have believed it but here I am! Double denim of H&M Girl denim shirt and straight leg jeans with a vintage Hermès croco Cordeau bag. I found the shoes in the early 90’s and had the outer and inner soles replaced. I’ve just always really loved their shape – more 60’s than 70’s I guess. [They make me feel the classic Roger Vivier flats would suit me … ] It’s a very random combination of items but I’ve never felt comfortable wearing all the same brand top to toe. Occasionally it happens like today but usually with High Street labels. With designers I feel it’s just too much – maybe because I’m still traumatised by the excesses of the 80’s that’s turned me off the complete brand look.DENIMBUFF2Of course I can easily replace the Cordeau with a simple saddle bag and the Granny shoes for sneakers/loafers/slippers/brogues for a completely casual look. As a kid, growing up in the 70’s, I remember so well how all the adults around me used to wear double denim all the time. It’s just something that’s remained with me but I have no idea why it hasn’t surfaced before! Maybe it was something I felt was too casual for me all those years ago. Dressing well casually was always the most difficult thing for me in my 20’s and 30’s (I know, stupid but true!). I really had to apply myself to improving this area a couple of years ago at the same time as simplifying dressing up.

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11 thoughts on “Denim: Vintage Mix with Croco and Suede

  1. Pret a Porter P

    I really like that you continue to have the shoes you look repaired. I have a style of flats, that I will keep on taking to the cobbler for all eternity, I just can’t give them up!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you! I know, it’s so hard when something works so well but at least they can be mended. Although I’m trying not to duplicate or repeat purchases, in this case, could you track down a second pair to rotate?

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