Light Bites and Relax

ALFRESCOLUNCHManaged an al fresco lunch the other day for the kids and their friend with a very simple dish I learnt to make for myself after school by 10 years old. I just threw a linen tablecloth over our old picnic/park bench and served.SALADSALMON Adults tucked into grilled salmon, sweetcorn on a bed of baby spinach. Food really does taste better outdoors! Something I really want to do as much as possible this Spring/Summer.LEEKSOUP Leek and potato soup with freshly baked breadrolls ready to butter.SALMONSALADGrilled salmon again, avocado on a bed of baby spinach drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and soup. BAGUETTE I try my best to avoid leftovers but when it’s inevitable, I serve the various items as a mini buffet, in this case as fillings with baguettes. [Please excuse my smartass son].PASTAWITH SPINACHAnd a staple favourite, the pasta dish. This one is super easy and works with most kinds of pasta with garlic, fresh single cream, button mushrooms, petit pois, cheddar cheese and spinach as a side vegetable. I don’t use any salt, only black pepper to serve.TREATIt happens to the best of us – I still haven’t got back into baking mode so cheated with some ready made madeleines with tea. TREAT2A mix of Wedgwood, Cath Kidston and I don’t know what 🙂CONSERVATORYA little bit of peace and relaxation in the conservatory. Like most of the house, it’s unfinished but still a rare treat to just sit and look at my back garden. It was quite windy that day and the swaying of the bushes and trees was not unlike the effects of watching waves on a beach …CONSERVATORY2My girls had the same idea while crunching on nectarines. Making slip covers for the cushions is a project for my mother when she next visits …. it’s a surprise 🙂

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Light Bites and Relax

  1. gk

    Love those chairs in the conservatory! Looks like everyone is relaxing and enjoying the new home, who wouldn’t with all that yummy food?


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