Lime and Flared Denim

LOCKETA close up of the vintage locket and the proportion of the length. I’d like an even bigger one ..LIMEDENIMI underwent a skirt update at the end of last year. Together with the cashmere cosiness, there was this classic A line blue denim and this flared version by Sonia Rykiel.LIMEDENIM2With my temperamental tummy, the style is forgiving and the material is weighty enough for a really nice sweeping feeling as I move. I imagine it to be like wearing a heavy brocade under skirt in the old days. The result is that I instinctively slow down a little and don’t dash about in a mad rush as I usually do. Not elegant. The most elegant women I’ve ever seen was during my time in the Middle East, in the heat and sand, the local ladies managed to glide effortlessly about their daily business, while I, fresh from London, hurried up and down escalators (I was younger then!) and strode around the malls as if I was still pacing Oxford Street and got very hot and sweaty in the process. When in Rome …. LIMEDENIM3The lime Zara Girl cardi had to come out for Spring. It’s one of My Greens. I meant to show a dressy version with some heels but it’s half term holidays and I’ve been working in the garden. I was going to wait a little while longer but couldn’t stand it anymore and attacked the wall of ivy … and then another offending bush on the other side as well as weeding. It’s going to be a continuous effort now until after the Summer I guess. It’s not all destruction, I do avoid removing any plants if at all possible but it’s to make room for new plants – fruit trees and roses and as many more flowers as can fit in.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Lime and Flared Denim

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Yes – brique! Thank you very much! The Ks are all unpacked but I’ve been spending every free minute on the house and now started on the garden, there’s been no time to enjoy them yet and I really miss them!


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