Dark Denim Flare

DARKDENIM I’ve been working in the garden – notice the hill of evidence behind me – then changed quickly to pop out for groceries but it got a little cooler than expected so please excuse the bunched up cardi.DARKDENIM2The last of my skirt update with this navy denim by Marni. I’ve no idea from what season it is but the colour, shape and length were what I was looking for. The material is washable but tends to crease quite badly so next time I will have to try the drip dry method. DARKDENIM3 I love the side folds and flare with big pockets. It’s just one of those great pieces that’s transeasonal and I look forward to wearing it with knee boots come Autumn/Winter.DARKDENIM4Zara Girl lime cardi, Gap viscose cap sleeve tee with vintage Céline saddle bag and Sam Edelman slingbacks. I used to wear mostly very feminine clothes and found I was more drawn towards masculine pieces in the last few years which has been really good for my closet overhaul. I suppose any feminine pieces that have survived or get added are much simpler shapes in good materials. This is welcome progress for me.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Dark Denim Flare

  1. Vix

    Love the colour of your cardi! Well done on tackling the garden, it’s almost impossible with the rain we keep getting. x


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