Khaki and Brique

KHAKIBRIQUEJune already – halfway through the year – can’t believe it! I guess most of that was taken up with preparing, moving and unpacking for me – see the growing hill of green? Well another great thing about khaki is that I love wearing it with rusty, reddish brown accessories. Of all the reds out there, I think this is the most versatile for me – softer than orange or true reds. KHAKIBRIQUE2The khaki linen pants are by Zara from several seasons ago that needed to be hemmed – add on a few months and then requires a relatively trim tum – hit and miss – so finally they came out when the weather was too cool for dresses and skirts (at least first thing in the morning), yet too warm for heavier trousers. The linen is not the best quality but it washes fine and that’s good enough for me these days.KHAKIBRIQUE3Gap Girl pure cotton moss stitch jumper in ivory also here and here, Burberry Harbonne trench, Hermès skinny belt, vintage goldtone locket necklace and Cobra Society leather slippers. KHAKIBRIQUE4This is the La bag by Hermès in box leather also here. It’s a great little tote that can be both hand held and shoulder carried. The contrast stitching is especially pleasing to me in accentuating the lines of the bag.LOCKET2And the vintage Monet locket is a such a treasure. I usually look out for Monet and Trifari vintage costume jewellery.

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4 thoughts on “Khaki and Brique

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I’ve added the close of the locket. It’s a nightmare trying to find decent vintage jewels on *bay so I’ve just narrowed it down to these 2 brands which seem particularly well made.


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