Golden and Navy

YELLOWROSE2Houston – the blooms have planted! Just 3 lots of roses and boy was the digging hard work – I’ll never make a grave digger! But I was determined for them to be in as soon as possible and so far so good, they seem to love their new spot 🙂 YELLOWROSEA little overblown and still as beautiful. Scent – heavenly!CHINO Out come the chinos with linen and cashmere due to the slight cool breeze. And for that reason another new-to-me little gavroche. Quite a simple design and colourway: white background, navy border with golden accents.CHINO2Comfy casual including the soft leather ballerninas from Clark Girl. These are into their 4th year now and still going very strong – I had to climb a mountain in them here! CHINO3When I’m grocery shopping, I must have my hands free to pick and choose and reach up when there’s no one else around to ask. CHINO4By afternoon it’s usually warm enough for me to whip off the gavroche and tuck it safely in my bag. CHINO5See directly behind me? I’ve got more digging to do – 4 fruit trees this time so I could be a while ….

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Golden and Navy

  1. Vix

    Those roses are gorgeous. I rescued some wild ones from dad’s garden when i cut the hedge on Monday. Just looking at them in a vase makes me smile.
    That navy shirt is a great shape. xxx


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