Food and Roses

MIXDISH The themes of the past week or so 🙂 After our regular walk, my mother and I hosted a small lunch get together. This is a savoury pancake dish some of you may be familiar with … SPREADA little bit of starch, protein and plenty of vegetables! Vegetarians omit the meat protein entirely and use ground peanuts or tofu instead. The whole idea is the same. FINGERFOODThe traditional way to eat it is by wrapping a piece of the filled pancake with a selection of fresh vegetables in a lettuce leaf and dipping the parcel by hand into the sauce bowl. However, I mix everyting up in a plate first (see top photo) and drizzle the special sauce over and eat with chopsticks.DESSERTA choice of cakes and fresh cut melons for dessert – that plate with everything on it – yeah, it’s mine!TABLESETTINGOn another occasion, for Grandparents Day! DISH GOLDENCORAL Heavenly scented and as pretty as can be!TABLEA table setting which I literally threw together. Normally as you may have guessed, I keep everything pretty neutral with a colour accent but I was given this table cloth recently and love the vibrant colours so much I use it often. Together with the melamine stripey mats, red painted bowls with the blue and white created a colourful clash that I actually liked! It didn’t put anyone off their food either!TABLE2 Would you believe the mauve pink glasses from I don’t know where or when, matches the mauve in the weave perfectly!DISH2My plate – steam Thai fragrant rice with ginger chicken and sweet and sour prawns. TABLESETTING2 A close up of the weave and ever pretty roses. CORALROSESTOP FLOWERBASKET This is the only basket I have so will be scouring the charity shops for one with a handle.CORALROSE3 In their natural state.CORALROSE2 CORALROSEMOCKORANGEThis is the flower of the mock orange plant. It was discovered once we removed all the weeds and trimmed the other plants back from the drive. There’s another one growing in the back garden. POTSIt’s a start … GREENGLASSI’ve had this vase for many years now and it has survived fairly frequent useage and travel of several thousand miles. I adore it and the best way to see it is like this with the light shining through. MIXCARNATIONS2 MIXCARNATIONS3 I picked up the mini glass vases in one of the local charity shop for a few pounds in total.CARNATIONSThese red edged carnations are a new favourite. They lasted incredibly well and looked even more gorgeous once the white opened.

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Food and Roses

  1. GK

    Have been so very busy and haven’t had time to comment, but wanted to say how peaceful and relaxing this post is. Family, food and flowers, what more can one ask for! Lovely.

  2. dottoressa

    Your dishes seem sooo delicious
    And flowers are beautiful,I adore yellow roses and carnations are very nice
    It is so nice to have a long loved vase which is so lovely

  3. dottoressa

    Yes,me too. I was thinking about you a couple of days ago…..hope all is well and you all are on hollidays!

  4. gk

    You haven’t posted in a long while, hope all is well and you are enjoying summertime with your beautiful family! 🙂


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