SILKPRINTPANTSIt’s been so long, all I can do is share a few random remarks and offer profuse apologies.

  • I’ve missed everyone! It was a completely unscheduled break
  • be open to learning new things. Always.
  • be even more grateful for everything than you think you already are
  • expect the unexpected

And of course I have a shopping list for this season and it’s my shortest ever … progress! But before we get to it, here are a couple of photos to share.TRAVELOUTFITA travel outfit taken at an airport Ladies’: Gap viscose tee and linen mix trousers, Zara Girl navy cotton cardi, Clarks Girl ballet flats (I’m ready to upgrade to comfy pointy toes now) and the Kelly 28 in Brique box leather. SILKPRINTPANTS2About this new wardrobe addition of silk printed pants by Equipment (yes, of the silk shirt fame …). I never gave Equipment another thought after finding out their sizes were so completely wrong for me. But that’s for shirts so when these pants popped up in the Spring, there was an immediate recognition and intrigue: recognition because I wear wide, flappy pants like these since the early 90’s, intrigue because I thought Equipment only made shirts d’uh! Of course, they’re supposed to be very cropped but on me, are the perfect ankle grazing length! So comfortable as well. Everything else I already had, Uniqlo linen sleeveless shirt (bought last winter), same Zara Girl cardi, Kelly and Musa golden leather flip flops first worn last Summer here. I flapped, flipped and flopped around in the heat happily.

My shopping list #2 (#1 was for Spring/Summer)

  1. leather gloves – probably black

Impressed? You should be lol 🙂 Last year I used my old pair which have finally given up now.

Truthfully, I went through all the usual pangs of wanting a lovely new coat, more cashmere knits, more bags ….! All I can justify is adding more cashmere knits which I do need to supplement what I have and replace a small pile I’ve given over to my Teen. I haven’t found the perfect cashmere coat yet anyway, I know I can only have it once I’ve got rid of at least half a dozen in my current collection, either to charity or to Teen. So that’s fine.

I shall be over to visit yours soon – in the meantime, thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Random

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I just knew they’d be good only unknown factor was the sizing so ordered 2 sizes and sent the other back – ahhh the wonder of online shopping 🙂

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