2BEED64B00000578-3222120-image-m-21_1441369280767As always, I love finding inspiration and it’s extra nice when unexpected. Look at this photo, anyone want to guess who she is before the jump? This way of wearing dungarees I like!! 2BEED65400000578-3222120-image-m-19_1441369265099 Here she is today …… Ms Honor Blackman, perhaps best known for her portrayal of Pussy Galore in ‘Dr No’ alongside …. or should I say on top of Sean Connery’s James Bond. Hasn’t changed much has she? Oh yeah, she turned 90 last month. Beautiful!denim-street-style-spring-2016-habituallychic-009I was so mega flattered when my youngest said I dress like this lady! Well I may possess similar items but it really is the way you wear them that counts *sigh*. This takes me back to my student days and the start of my charity buying journey when I found a blue stripe shirt with a white collar and wore it to death. Later I realised its maker, Turnbull and Asser had the Royal Warrant from Prince Charles. Whether that impressed me or otherwise, I decline to say at this time …. 🙂 denim-street-style-spring-2016-habituallychic-008Another gorgeous variation on the jeans/shirt and bold accessories theme. denim-street-style-spring-2016-habituallychic-012You know how we sometimes wish for the exact opposite of what we are or have? Well for the longest time I wished I had sexy curves like this lady. I just love how she mixes the very lady like and vampy with such casual jeans. I’m intrigued by the bag which is by Loewe – if they produced a smaller version, I would be seriously tempted.

New York Fashionweek SS2016, day 3

New York Fashionweek SS2016, day 3

I love this photo! It’s great to have these two ladies together wearing completely different things (except for the shoes) and showing how much at ease with themselves they are all the same.

2679266815-09-12_05I couldn’t believe this image from a popular reselling site. This is how I dress sometimes but not often enough to rotate my different Kellys.slider-margheritaFinally a couple of lessons, firstly, how to wear a plain and simple black tee. Love!92215stella16021

And how to wear a brightly coloured bag … with a matching piece of clothing. This is new to me as I do love to wear brighter outfits having tested the waters with accessories. But somehow it didn’t feel right for me yet. I have my beautiful red bag here and here but no red skirt although I’m on the right track with adding neutrals.

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6 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. rukshanaafia

    Honor Blackman was also the first martial arts kickass heroine in ‘The Avengers’ . Unlike Diana Rigg who followed her in the the ultra cool series she really was a judo blackbelt . She even made a short film demonstrating women’s self defence .


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