Layering 2.0

TRENCHFollowing on from my last post, this is how I’ve learnt to layer up: silk camisole, silk shirt, cashmere cardigan and trench. And a little neck gavroche for good measure.TRENCH2Layering has become all important for me in recent months due to having to flit between, home, either car or public transport, office building or out and about and back home again. Also, um, how shall I put it, my internal temperature control has changed its own setting so to speak and I found myself going from feeling cold easily to feeling much too warm easily – how annoying is that? Cruel trick of nature blah, blah, blah and one has to be as gracious as possible about it ….. rather than resort to medication and all that. TRENCH3 Since I got the trench back from the dry cleaners, I forgot how I used to tie the belt before. It wasn’t like this so will have to readjust.

ETA:  my youngest has just read the post and informed me that she remembered I didn’t buckle the belt at all but tucked the ends in the pockets ….. clever clogs!

I’m going to catch up on replying to all your lovely comments on previous posts – thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Layering 2.0

  1. gk

    For years I resisted layering, it just felt so bulky and look visually cluttered to me. Now I love layering! It must be the weather, but layering really is a requirement in this climate. Of course, I’m boring and layering black over black over black, but still… 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      I hated the bulkiness too! The trouble is that I have big shoulders which pretty much limits layering even further in terms of choice. Colour is always harder work for me 🙂 In my case it would be navy on navy on navy or greys top to toe.


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