Black and Blush

BOYISHKAs the temperature continues to drop slowly but surely, my colour palette darkens first with accessories then the clothes. And out comes the delicate blush cashmere by Eric Bompard also here to retain some lightness.

BOYISHK3I feel very confident and comfortable in this outfit and variations of. My Kelly is the perfect companion for the whole day! Um, sorry about the bad feet positioning! BOYISHK2I realise how the shoulder strap would be too short for average height people but it’s fine for me. BOYISHK7 Then if I have to resort to wearing socks, out comes the Michael Kors sneakers. I tried every skater style I could find but none fit at all, not even close but these are more versatile for me.BOYISHK5Will have to start the annual Homage to Hermès Ritual leather maintenance soon! BOYISHK6Topped with the cocoon coat from Cos also here and here. It looks a solid black but is a salt and pepper flecked and is really a Spring weight coat. I love this shape so much, I wish I could have it in cashmere.

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