Closet Audit 2015: Basic Adjustments + Plan 1

black-color-oct-2015-habituallychic-031An analysis of what I like to wear, why and the silhouette over the last couple of years has yielded nothing surprising: comfortable knitwear, shirts, jeans, softly tailored trousers, less skirts and dresses but in recent months a closer look at these basics taught me that the more basic my basics, the better the quality of material to comfort my body, please the eye, and for longevity (of use and the planet). I’m not into quirky jumpers but I love textures so I’ve been indulging in cashmere. The feel of the fabrics has become more and more important to me especially since I dislike overheating and I’m more prone to it these days.

615521_in_xlI’m slowly replacing any synthetics with pure, crisp cottons in different weights of delicate lawn and thicker chambray or linen/cotton mix (you get the cooling quality of linen with slightly less crushing of the cotton). Plain wool jumpers are making way for the everyday luxury of cashmere and hanging on to Aran wools. Obvious branding was never my thing and though I tried to ignore it, the older I get, the more I want to eliminate. Replacing the worn out tried and tested is the main focus these days with attention to a little experimentation. Just a little.

In the past, tees were never a major category and the amount of choice overwhelmed me. I have found a couple of synthetics (viscose) that both drape and wash very well that I’ll continue to wear but as for the rest of the time, I feel best in a shirt or silk blouse, on their own or layered.

Outerwear is something one becomes obsessed with living in UK. I love all my coats but it’s time to change things up a little that’s an evolution not a revolution.SINGLEFALPREISUUESINGLEFALPREISUUE2Accessories are still all important and a few, longed for key pieces have found their way to me over time. 615605_e2_xlThese pointy toe flats are the sort that can replace my beloved white Via Spiga flats here, here and here adding a modern classic element.

CCNECKLACEJewels are also increasingly important to my look as time goes on. Since I don’t indulge in other embellishments and prefer simple lines, jewellery is practically the only way I can add interest and perhaps a little drama. It’s an ongoing challenge for me to remember to add something to my outfit. So I will try something different for this season: to choose the jewel first then dress for it. Also, an element that’s all important for creating a casual yet polished look, tailoring. Although I don’t have to wear corporate clothes, thank goodness, and I love a softly tailored pair of trousers to maintain a bit of structure in an otherwise casual look, I really must wear my jackets more. That includes my leather jacket! So this is my main mission, Plan 1 for the Autumn/Winter season. [There might be a Plan 2 if I think of it … :-)]

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Closet Audit 2015: Basic Adjustments + Plan 1

  1. lady sarah in london

    Beautifully written post! Fabric is so important and is becoming increasingly more difficult to find good things at affordable prices. Cashmere quality is another victim from the “fast fashion’ revolution as it has become poor quality since it started to trigger down into every high street brand. If you find good silk tops let me know.

    1. dottoressa

      Nice post! I wear from the beginning only natural fabrics,but there is always space to upgrade
      Lady Sarah,as I said at your blog,Eileen Fisher,Marylebone street. I was looking for simple silk tees and tanks for years and found it there,no other colours than black and white but I like them

      1. lady sarah in london

        Thank you dottoressa. I love EF – even here, in London though only a few places sell them. (I like the limited colour range so that is not a problem for me.) I never wear synthetics, so uncomfortable – yak!

    2. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I’m happy with my stash of cashmere right now and it’s taken me such a long time to find them. I’m so much more mindful of everything I’m even considering because of you 🙂


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