Closet Audit 2015: the Hermès Kelly Part 1

BBKINDIGOclose3Referencing this post from 2013 that Dear Lady Sarah in London reminded me of recently. Probably the final Closet Audit of 2015 and of course saving my favourite for last 🙂

BFCASHMERE4My first Kelly came to me only in 2011 and since then, my love for it and others that have joined the K family has increased in every way. At first I was dead against the Sellier style but soon grew to admire its fine structure. Over the last few years, I’ve learnt something about the history of the Kelly bag, the colours, leathers and their maintenance and of course a helluva lot more about my own preferences. I’ve reached a plateau I suppose now that my ‘collection’ is complete so can share what I’ve experienced:LONGBLACKCOATSIDECROPK32CAMEL3

  • I like the sellier construction in the 28 size and retourne for the 32 ideally because it doesn’t look so big on me whereas the nature of the sellier construction makes the bag appear larger
  • I tend to use the 32 more during Winter when the extra coat layer helps to balance out the size on me. It is more of a work bag
  • most of mine are vintage and that’s not accidental, I prefer their unique look and the craftsmanship is superior to the modern versions in my humble opinion
  • I prefer smooth and light leathers such as box and swift but chevre and porc are exceptions (I have a horror of heavy bags!)
  • Whilst the Kelly was conceived as handheld only, I need and like to have my hands free with the shoulder strap either in matching leather or the more ‘sporty’ canvas version
  • the functionality of the Kelly is very important and I have no problems with getting into my bags quickly and securely
  • along with most other things, I don’t keep them for ‘best’ – they are used with reasonable care including to do the grocery shopping and for travel
  • I like to look after the bags myself having learnt the way to clean and condition the leathers

CHECKIVORYSILK2KBDPBLACK6AKPORC3If there is a unicorn I would love to find, it’s one in Kelly Green – vintage of course *sigh* …. which brings me to the tricky subject of buying vintage/preowned/preloved in Part 2.

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Closet Audit 2015: the Hermès Kelly Part 1

  1. happyface313

    🙂 I bet it was LOVE on first sight with all of your beautiful vintage Kellys. They are all vintage, or?
    Did all of your bags come with a shoulder strap? Or did you buy it at a later point – new or used?
    So many questions – I just adore your bags (and not just your K’s.
    Have a wonderful evening 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! All of the Ks are vintage ie 20 or more years old except for 2. All the 28 sizes came with their original strap. I bought a used beige canvas strap and the other is from my Olive Barenia Evelyne (the one you see in the photos above).
      I’m more than happy to answer all your questions! 🙂

      1. lady sarah in london

        Well it’s a lovely green – and really is the only kelly I have that can be used summer as well as winter season, but I would prefer a 28 in a dark brown, I think. Undecided about the colour, I see you solved that problem by buying Kellys in ALL colours.😃😃😃

      2. silkpathdiary Post author

        May I suggest ‘Noisette’ or ‘Etrusque’ (a rare shade of brown to find)?
        If I find a Kelly Green then my rainbow would be complete! All the best with your Ks!

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