Closet Audit : Shopping List A/W 2015-6

I feel really drawn to deep blues, greys, greens and olive this season. The Trim is Olive Barenia leather but looks brown here.

I feel really drawn to deep blues, greys, greens and olive this season. The Trim is a Navy Epsom with grey undertones and the Evelyne is Olive Barenia leather but looks brown here.

I decided to do away with Wishlists some time ago and make actual Shopping lists twice a year instead. The wishlists encouraged me to add more stuff until they became endless whereas the Shopping list helped me target and focus on what I actually need – mostly replacements or an upgrade to a better quality and this has been the case for this season when I realised my coats needed updating. My vintage treasures are safe – they’re still going strong but it’s a couple of others that had to be retired.

I love the Crombie style coat here, here, here and wore this a lot from Autumns through to chilly Springs. Although I love navy, I wear so much blue anyway that grey was a better option as a replacement. The unexpected addition was a black cashmere that’s casual enough to throw over jeans yet tailored for more dressy outfits. And something different – a cape! And a little cashmere knitted poncho I acquired at the start of the Summer.

My mother came to stay this time last year without a proper coat. So I lent her my Max Mara camel number and ended up giving it to her. And my Teen has taken my black Theory peacoat which helps to keep my coat collection under control – just!

I began my knitwear upgrade to cashmere last year here and here. This year I’m adding a twinset and 2 tunics. Every Autumn/Winter I wear a jumper practically daily so it’s good to have a little variety.

615521_in_xlI 597139_in_xlindulged in a lovely new white cotton shirt. It’s a smoother finish to my other crisp cottons and more suitable for cooler temperatures. This one is great for me because it’s fairly short so I don’t have too much to tuck in. Looking a little ahead, a short linen top for next Season will be a useful addition.

In terms of accessories, just a pair of black plain knee boots. I didn’t want them to be too riding style or too high, just plain pull on. And hopefully a more neutral shawl to add to the other two I already have here and here. This is called Cent Plis des Miao:136444-iID_9{1389188350}What I learnt this season in trying to discipline myself more each time:

  • to look at my closet in blocks again (it didn’t work when I tried it before because I had way too much stuff and didn’t find my style yet) each season which shows me what I’m wearing most, what I’m missing or need to wear more
  • time and time again, simplicity and quality, prove their worth
  • a spreadsheet really does help to keep track even though it was a pain to set up at the beginning
  • by shopping with a list each season, I focus and target regardless of all the constant sales push from every direction
  • I’ve stopped duplicating and stock piling
  • it’s become easier to know what will work for me and recycling stuff I don’t use/need either over to my Teen or charity
  • there is a natural flow over to the next season
  • I tend to buy more for the A/W season because that’s the climate and actual life I have plus I sometimes find transeasonal pieces in the sale that will work for S/S so I continue my habit of shopping out of season mostly

More on this last point, as I mentioned above, a short linen top is the first item on the S/S 2016 Shopping List. I know my use of tees is limited and finding good tops is such an expensive nightmare. I prefer shirts. Also the first half of next year will include long haul travel, short breaks and a family wedding. It does not mean any new purchases specifically for those occasions as I will simply shop my closet but the opportunities do mean I’m able to make use of most of my wardrobe which makes me happy. But I still have to pack for the festive season when we’ll be staying away from home at my brother’s. Yes it’s called How to Pack for Sofabed Visits!

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Closet Audit : Shopping List A/W 2015-6

  1. dottoressa

    You put your post so good together!It is interesting how some of us react to fast fashion hysteria and enlarged production,isn’t it? Increase quality,decrease quantity,refine style,much better!
    I like your white shirt,boots-to-be and gorgeous shawl

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I am far enough on my journey towards style that I can refer back and learn from mistakes. My shopping habit continues to evolve – for the better I hope!

  2. Pret a Porter p

    I like your disciplined approach. This year I’ve thrown discipline to the wind, and have just bought whatever I want. Some things I look at and see the excess, but others have become excellent standbys. It helps that I’ve pulled things out to giveaway. When I look at my list I bought a LOT, but feel like all I wear is the same 2 jackets or bough multiples of the tees.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! I’m not as disciplined as I aim to be yet 🙂 You have a very well defined style which I love so shopping to your desires feels safe enough in yours hands 🙂 But in mine it’s a recipe for disaster!

  3. seton

    If you dont mind, I believe that your trim is Veau Graine Lisse, not Epsom. They often can be identified by that contrast stitching on the trim.

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