Navy, Camel and Gold

NAVYCAMELGOLD2Wearing one of my favourite pairs of jeans (fit, colour and comfort) for a quick lunch in town with our two eldest children. The navy double breasted cardigan is a waffle knit also here and here in grey – very cosy.NAVYCAMELGOLDI wouldn’t normally have worn both a long scarf and necklace but thought to pile it on for once 🙂 The necklace is the lilac horn here but I just wore it turned the other side. I’ve always worn ankle boots eversince I lived in London. They’re simply the most comfortable and versatile style of footwear for big city and small town living. Of course now one can update to a block heel but these suit me better I think. NAVYCAMELGOLD3 My Céline Micro Luggage tote is still going strong also here, here and here. I love that this camel shade works all year round. It got rained on while we walked but dried off without any fuss at all. The leather is thick and has a matte finish. I have a bigger tote, the Longchamp Roseau here that’s very useful and I’ve been wanting to add a dark colour version but need a slightly smaller size. It took a while but I think I’ve found the size down so hopefully it will be the right one. With totes, they have to be as light as possible and as open as possible.


6 thoughts on “Navy, Camel and Gold

  1. dottoressa

    Camel and navy,just perfect! I like ankle boots more and more every season.
    And Longchamp leather bags…..You are right,it is very important that big totes are as light as possible( when are empty :-))

    1. lady sarah in london

      Weight is a huge factor for me when choosing bags. After all there is point in getting scoliosis carrying that tote! I sometimes see women in London, virtually bend over from the weight of the bags. Shoulder bags can be the worst as people raise one shoulder without even realising it.

      1. silkpathdiary Post author

        I simply can’t do it and limit the max bag size for myself so as not to fill it with the kitchen sink! I still have to be careful not to turn my totes into a filing cabinet though. In the past I bought British brands but the leather was so thick and heavy, it just didn’t work for me. Yes, the classic shoulder strain happens too easily – that’s when I made the choice to use 2 bags instead to divide the weight. I recently read this article which goes a long way to explain the distribution of leather

    2. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! Camel is a staple since I stopped wearing brown years ago. I’m slow to embrace the Pliage range because the nylon material put me off to be honest. But I just got one for my Teen and she loves it so thought about the biggest size for travel for myself.


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