Shawl Weather

FLECKSCORDSI was so looking forward to bringing out the Hermès cashmere/silk shawls. This was my first of two from last year and they certainly worked very well for me. My neck always get cold so scarves and shawls are essential. It’s also a way to indulge in ‘everyday luxury’.FLECKSCORDS2I always shied away from shawls because they require a certain amount of styling which was beyond me. Since then I’ve committed myself to wearing it whichever way it happens to get thrown around my neck! In this case as a scarf. I’ve also pulled out the plush cords that are like velvet also here. Textures are important and I’m paying more attention to them than ever before. FLECKSCORDS3I bought these ankle boots a few years ago but couldn’t get them to work for some reason. I tried to pass them onto to my Teen when her feet grew to the same size as mine but they were too narrow. So I put them away and literally just pulled them out again that morning when thinking about low heeled boots for Winter.SHAWL Yes, I know a button is missing on my peacoat and still never got round to replacing it in the last year! I thought the shawl would cover that fact …Sometimes I have to carry documents but didn’t bother changing to the Longchamp tote. SHAWL3I love this peacoat by J Crew and I can see it lasting to pass on to my Teen maybe next year once the missing button’s replaced.

Thanks for reading!


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