COUPDEFOUETKeeping it real with a too early morning shot of me still half asleep 🙂 with hair all over the place. This scenario is becoming more and more frequent as we enter Winter but I’m snug as can be in this collarless coat by Vince also here and here. It’s a great opportunity to wear my scarves simply tied like this to keep my neck cosy, Coup de Fouet which is one of favourites.COUPDEFOUET2It has curved side splits and is double faced. Because my shoulders are too broad, I should wear it best over a thin layer so as not to bunch up the sleeves.One can never have too many pairs of black ankle boots – this time with a thinner heel. For a simple girls only lunch at a friend’s house.COUPDEFOUET4Grey is most the most versatile coat colour for me and the reason I’ve added another to replace the navy Crombie. Choosing a coat is difficult because there are so many factors to consider. Since it is essentially a tailored garment, no matter how unstructured, the fit has to be mostly right or it will show, simple as that. Trends may come and go but the classic coats remain timeless and make you feel fully dressed – at least I do! Here are the factors I consider when choosing a coat:

  • colour:  I tend to choose a darker colour in a lighter weight and paler shades in a heavier weight to maximise versatility of wear
  • natural fibres are a must and the more luxurious the better but even the humble wool can be luxe depending on the quality – choose the best quality you can afford which will pay you back in the long term
  • fit: I have broad shoulders so this is always the first place the fit has to be right, the sleeves should be not too wide but if they are on the narrow side (as above) I must wear over thin layers
  • details: the plainer the better which means eg no ties or belts (unflattering on my wide waist) and no fussy collar or cuff designs – these just annoy me!
  • fastenings: nothing beats neat buttonholes and nice buttons – poppers tend to look cheaper sadly
  • length: generally knee length or shorter best for my lifestyle as I drive
  • styles: there are still the same classics such as the trench, princess, crombie and duffle – they just vary every season
  • cleaning: I accept dry cleaning can’t be avoided altogether but there are a few things to try to reduce the need; wear in rotation a bit like shoes so dirt shouldn’t build up and invest in high quality clothes brushes to brush down and air every so often

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Collarless

  1. dottoressa

    Collarless coats are really better for scarfs and it suits you well. I prefer mine with collar.
    Beautiful scarf and great coats post. Lately all my coats are clasic,camel,black ,navy or grey (with one old bronze coloured down coat),in camel hair or wool,over or just under the knee ( I drive everyday,too, so perfect one is over the knee). I really like it that way. Winters are cold and we wear coats more than 5 months here.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! I love collars too and never used to consider collarless but had to try it. It sounds like you have some wonderful classic coats! Camel is lovely, I have 2 coats. For us in the Northern hemisphere, coats are an investment.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I have to say I’m more and more focused on ultra simple lines in coats now and going into the future. As you say they help to set off the scarves I wear most of the year round.
      I instinctively chose heavier coats in lighter colours and darker colours for light weights so that I could wear them more of the year. Sometimes it’s pretty cold in Spring so I feel ok wearing my lighter colour coats yet I’m warm enough and sometimes it’s mild in deepest Winter so can wear a dark coat that’s light weight. It’s a transeasonal thing I like to do as much as possible so that I only have very few items at either extreme (for cold and hot weathers).


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