Kelly Sport

RASPBERRYANDPURPLE3The Kelly Sport is a variation on the sellier construction that’s taller with no flap also here. Mine is the medium size in black box leather with goldtone hardware. There is a smaller size that looks cute worn cross body. Introuducing the replacement Crombie coat style, by Max Mara in a dark moleskin grey colour. Sorry for the lack of morning light!RASPBERRYANDPURPLE4The Kelly sport is quite spacious due to the depth of the base and I use it as a shoulder tote. The drawback is that I have to reach down further. I’m loving the coat – it’s thick but light and has a lovely texture. You can’t really go wrong with Max Mara coats in my experience of buying them for the last 20 years or so. I don’t need to make any alterations to this one which is a huge bonus. What I will point out is that their sizing is very generous and even the very smallest size available can be too big for me depending on the style.

RASPBERRYANDPURPLEWith the cocoon coat by Cos and you can see a classic mistake for a petite person: too many horizontal lines! I shall put away this coat now for the Spring 🙂 Next I shall post about the *ahem* end of the A/W Shopping List and looking forward to the next season.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Kelly Sport

  1. dottoressa

    Like your outfit,
    Compliments from Max Mara faithful client,too. I realy love their coats,from camel to wool or down padded coats (well,we here have not so wide range of designers in high quality,but stil!)and wear them all the time

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