Closet Additions: Coat, Tote and Tunic

LONGCOAT Believe me I thought long and hard before adding another coat to my collection and a third black one at that. It had to be super easy to wear, longer length but not too long, warm but light enough for Spring wear (with low ankle boots/sneakers) and this one by Theory more than matches up. Theory is a favourite label of mine for outerwear because I know the the shoulders are cut narrowly which is a must and the style usually ultra simple. There are no shoulder pads at all in this one.LONGCOAT2The length is exactly where I want it to be (always very difficult considering my height) and the gentle skim around the middle is really flattering.  Underneath is the cashmere tunic by Vince – another favourite label. My scarf is a much loved treasure found last year here here here and here, fresh from the dry cleaners. These ankles boots didn’t get much love last year because I was afraid of the shiny finish (not patent) but now I know when wearing mostly black, it’s important to have different textures.

And the tote is the classic Roseau line by Longchamp. This is the medium size and perfect for me – more so that it’s actually navy not black – with the brushed goldtone fastening. It’s such a great size, I would happily add another in black even though I avoid repeats. Oh and new black leather gloves from Marks and Spencer, they are super comfortable and the leather is lovely – very good value for the price. It’s the sort of thing I stock up on during the sales, without guilt, if there are any left since I wear gloves for driving all year round.

Thanks for reading!


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