Closet Additions and Spring Dreams

5062831251_1_1_17Me and white trousers go a long way back too! I remember always loving the white flares perhaps first on my mother when I was really small and then on others in my family and linking them with holidays and warm, carefree days … I’m definitely a child of the 70’s 🙂 5076840407_1_1_17These images are from Massimo Dutti that I think pretty much sums up exactly how I would love to wear trousers next season. There’s a hint of tailoring but an ease in wear that would work for casual smart. And did I mention the crop length will save me hours or £££ in alteration fees? I don’t mind not being able to show my ankles which means they look completely different on me, less jaunty more serious.5084873533_1_1_17Olive brown with pale grey and black. I have to say, brown has come back into my neutrals field of vision after dropping out completely for several years.streetstyle17264-webAdore this look – it’s my inspiration! So much impact with so few items because each one is stand out and somehow work together perfectly.663052_fr_xlI didn’t have a pair of light blue jeans – not for lack of trying believe me. My white jeans and palazzo trousers have had to be their substitute all these years. I can’t wait to wear these in the Spring!

As you can see, I’m totally preoccupied with an update in trousers/jeans for this and the next seasons. This season’s shopping list has shown other lessons learnt and affirmations:

  • I don’t feel the need for a broad variety anymore, I’m happy to hone in on what I wear most quite simply – trousers/jeans, shirts/jumpers, coats/soft jackets
  • I definitely do not have the need for high heels anymore!
  • Autumn/Winter/Spring are the seasons of my life and deserve the investment
  • I’m more focused on accessories too and can hone in on fewer bags on a shorter rotation
  • I can allow myself a little variety within the few categories of clothes and accessories eg jeans, tailored and soft within trousers, tunics and different textures within knitwear, different heels and styles within ankle boots

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Closet Additions and Spring Dreams

  1. gk

    Haven’t had time to comment as of late, but I have really been enjoying your posts. I really love how you are thoughtful and methodical in adding in new items, and, of course, how each item is a complement to what you already own.
    Loving the vibe of these flares you’ve shown…

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much Dear GK! Sometimes we forget the things we have always liked and get caught up with all the marketing bombardment, so the hardest part was to ignore most of it and focus again. I’m going to try to wear these flares now …. what this space 🙂

  2. Pret a Porter P

    I really like your list of affirmations. I think once we’ve honed in on what it is that we actually wear we trim out the excess. I know what you mean about not having the need for broad variety and heels. I also can see you in the outfits that you showcased, esp. the rolled up jeans. The cropped wide legs look tricky to pull off, but I’m interested in seeing how you do it.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much PaPP! I’ve always admired your style which is perfectly honed 🙂 The wide pants are not cropped on me, they are just the right full length to wear with brogues a la garconne and leather slippers and more feminine flats in Spring.

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