Black and Camel (Hair)

PENCILCLOSE On the coldest day of Winter so far, I have the perfect answer – a vintage Camel hair long coat also here.PENCILSKIRT And my outfit underneath is very classic – navy cashmere crew neck, black pencil skirt with knee boots. The Cent Plis de Miao shawl adds enough pattern and colour for the occasion (accounts meeting). I’ve fallen back in love with the jersey 2.55 Chanel bags – this is black and I just love how quietly luxurious it looks. PENCILSKIRT2Fully loaded again – accounts meeting remember? The sizes in the Classic and Reissue always confuse me because they are not the same for both. Anyway, I had the smaller size to this with a gold chain and it was too dressy for me and even though the size was perfect, I rarely used it. PENCILSKIRT3See, it looks and is plenty roomy enough for day wear. After the meeting I had to shop for some sports wear for the children so just left the tote in the car. PENCILSKIRT4 The slight flare is flattering. I estimate it’s from the 70’s from the width of the collar. I found it in a charity shop for a few pounds in the 90’s so it was already vintage then! Made to last. I’m going to use this length as a guide for long coats – just at the ankle bone.PENCILSKIRT5I rarely wear all black of course but when I do feel like it, prefer to top it off with another colour or add navy (jumper and tote). PENCILSKIRT6I really like the matte quality of jersey which I simply hadn’t appreciated before. I have another jersey, the 2.55, navy with a grosgrain interior here which I like to think was from when Mlle Chanel herself was alive in the 60’s/70’s. The chain is much shorter than the Reissue. Like I said earlier, I’ve fallen back in love and am so tempted to look for another!LABELCAMELThis is the rather picturesque label on my coat. It has a cleaning label and that’s why I don’t think it’s any older than from the 70’s.

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