Spring Camel Preview

SPRINGCAMEL3I’m testing out a Spring combination of unlined coat, jumper/jeans/ankle boots thinking I could get away with it being quite sunny today – not a chance due to the biting wind – I ended up shivering all the way along the short walk to my destination …. brrrrr! SPRINGCAMEL4What can I say except I really love Max Mara coats 🙂 and this is a light weight, unlined version. The bonus is that in some styles, the sleeves are the right length for me – more or less – so I don’t need to alter.SPRINGCAMELThanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Spring Camel Preview

  1. dottoressa

    Completely my cup of tea! Beautiful!
    This is pretty much my winter uniform
    So, unlined version is not warm enough?? The saleswomen at Max Mara (and I know her for ages and she was always honest) claimed that it is warm enough for winter. Although we had very mild winter this year but I couldn’t decide and bought lined version

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you very much! It depends on the thickness of the material, style and the material itself eg cashmere and/or alpaca for the Winter collection would be warmer even unlined. Mine is from the Spring collection to be fair. I always prefer a lining anyway to help keep the shape.
      So I’m sure your saleswoman is right 🙂

    2. lady sarah in london

      I also have a max mara with no lining and is remarkably warm . It feels deceptively light when you hold it- no bulk at all – but seems to keep a very good temperature. I only use it in the city, so not a country sort of coat, but I walk rather a lot.

      1. silkpathdiary Post author

        Interesting because I tried on 2 unlined coats from S Max Mara from the Winter collection and they were too thin in my opinion. Perhaps I need one from the main line?

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