Silk Spots and Cashmere

SPOTTEDCROPOne of my ongoing Wardrobe Resolutions is to wear my silk shirts and blouses more in a casual way since I’m not bound to any kind of corporate formality. Most of the blouses and shirts are by Jaeger like this spotty one. The perfect answer for me is wearing them with jeans.SPOTTEDAnd as a bonus, they’re perfect for layering without creating any bulkiness at all: here under a cashmere cropped jumper by Eric Bompard. I’ve been waiting for a navy (or black) with spots version for years … I had one in the 90’s and wore it until it literally fell apart,SPOTTED3Topped with the Hermès cashmere swing coat which is a lovely weight and very warm despite being unlined.SPOTTED2 Flat – ish ankle boots for running between a few appointments in the cold and rain plus a small grocery shop at the end.SPOTTED4I was really comfortable and warm. A predominantly black outfit yet it didn’t feel too sombre.

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