Travel: Winter Sun- Part I

CLOUDSI’ve been back home a few days and sharing some photos with you while I catch up on myself. For more cloud photos see here – I really love them!A380TOILETBathroom shot of my outbound travel outfit: cotton shirt, cashmere cardi, black jeans and ankle boots (unseen). The weather was harsh on the way to the airport and I wore my beret, Hermès shawl, the navy J Crew peacoat and a vest under the shirt which I removed once I reached the airport. SEATMy seat and as I like a tidy seat area, use the blanket wrapper as a makeshift bin. It was a red eye flight but I never manage to sleep so instead use the time to catch up on at least 2 films.SHIRT My destination was nice and balmy so removed my cardi, tied it round my hips and folded up my sleeves. Having to carry my coat and removing layers is one of the things to be accepted when traveling between vastly different climates.PAULI treated myself to my favourite grilled Haloumi salad lunch the next day. Jet lag was awful especially since I hadn’t slept too well in the days before leaving. I try to eat mainly vegetables for the first couple of days after landing and of course drink lots of water.SHADOWOn my way to a meeting – semi formal so needed to be smart casual.NAVYBLACK Lift shot showing navy silk shirt, knotted at the hip, softly tailored pants and the BBK.FULLNAVYBLACKFull length view once I’d left the meeting and escaped to a nearby shopping centre.kmeetingBBK in the meeting room. Fortunately by then the jet lag had lifted.


  • avoid bulky layers for warmth, instead a thermal sleeveless vest and lighter layers (including shawl) are more effective
  • I’ve found that packing one silk shirt/simple tailored trousers works very well in most situations
  • I debated between sneakers and ankle boots and should have taken the sneakers since they’re flatter and more versatile
  • Do make sure to rest well before travel as you’ll only feel worse if you don’t!

Thanks for reading!


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