Travel: Winter Sun – Part II

TILESBIGThe final part to share of a more casual, sight seeing day, wearing white legging jeans, navy silk shirt knotted at the waist, patent sling backs and Kelly. VIEWA tiny clue to my destination 🙂 Of course no trip is complete without a visit to H! HSTORE There was a ‘pop up’ Hermès shop in the main entrance foyer of the mall, the actual shop is normally a fair distance from this point so maybe that’s why they decided to try this.HDRAGONFLY My favourite window!NAVYWHITETaxi ride back to pack. WHITENAVYBBK HOMEBOUND This was my travel outfit home: linen mix tunic shirt (thermal vest to be added underneath later in departure lounge), black legging jeans, ankle boots, Kelly and a new Longchamp travel bag in Anthracite that I bought on the outbound journey from Heathrow. It held my navy peacoat, shawl, cashmere cardigan, beret, gloves, souvenirs, files and mobile phone charger which is a bit more than I would normally plan for a carry on this time but it’s how it worked out. My plan is to use with a small cabin bag on wheels so that I would only have 2 bags in total.MEALIn flight meal – bread only tastes like cardboard on board! I normally concentrate on the starter and main with maybe a taste of the dessert. I never drink alcohol but ask for water and a juice at regular intervals. MOUNTAINSNOWSnow covered mountains gave way in time to green lands. LAND And then to cities.CITYWe didn’t have a very picturesque landing this time.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Travel: Winter Sun – Part II

  1. gk

    I love the white jeans/navy blue combo on you, very stylish. I’ve enjoyed traveling along with you, hope you had a lovely and restful trip!

  2. Pret a Porter p

    I know where you are, because I was just there 😉 I even recognize the in-flight meal. hehe
    Do you check luggage? The small handle on the longchamp seems like it would be cumbersome, but then again you probably get direct flight from London to over DXB than if coming from the US. So no worries about schlepping and chasing connecting flights.

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      🙂 How was your trip there? Yes there are many direct flights from London so no probs there. The look of the handles is quite deceptive since the rest of bag is so roomy. The handles fit over the handle of a pull along and that’s how I want to use the bag. Also because it is hand held, you do not want to overload it.

  3. Monique

    Love your white jeans with BBK look! May I ask how was it like to travel with Kelly in box? Is it cumbersome to use while travel? Thank you! I really enjoy reading your blog! 🙂

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks so much! I find it really easy to travel with box leather because I always keep it in a nylon envirosax bag and place it inside the Longchamp travel bag during security to make double sure it does not get bumped around. This is the 28cm size which I find very practical not cumbersome in any way and go about sightseeing, shopping etc with kids. I travel with all of my H bags in fact: the Plume 32, Lindy 30, Faco clutch, Bolide 30 and all my other 28 cm Kelly’s, swift Bleu de Prusse and box Brique.


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