Closet Evolution: Dressing Down the Chanel Jacket

TWEED2OK, so here’s the context: the Classic Tweed Chanel Jacket does not, in fact, suit my body – yes, it was painful to discover that BUT I found the solutions that worked for me …. Today was a beautiful sunny day and I didn’t want to wear a coat but knew I need to be warm so decided Tweed was the answer and this is my only tweed number …. TWEED3The yummy tweed exaggerates my shoulders and the boxy style is not the most petite friendly shape let’s be honest. So the first thing was to choose a style with a little collar to break up the boxiness and next was to remove shoulder pads (however small). TWEED4Even with a relatively thin cashmere jumper, it was a bit snug together strictly speaking. I’m fully loaded up again for meetings, lunch with a friend and running around.TWEED5Then wear it with jeans and sneakers. A few years ago I would never have thought to do this (not least because I didn’t wear jeans) and neither the confidence to try it if I had but it’s one of the blessings of age to lose these hang ups. 🙂 TWEED6There is a matching simple A line skirt and I’d love to be able to do to the same and wear it casually so will have a try soon. However, I don’t think I can wear the jacket and skirt together as a suit for a long while yet … but who knows? TWEED7This is the linen mix tunic shirt which is getting a lot of use I must say – the fit of the jacket is much more comfortable around my shoulders – I didn’t feel in danger of the ripping the seams! TWEED8I do have a Little Black Jacket in wool gaberdine, not tweed, in a slightly different style to this which I am keen to use much more so will try to show that next.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Closet Evolution: Dressing Down the Chanel Jacket

  1. dottoressa

    Nice jacket and you’ve styled it very well. I am tall,but nevertheless,don’t find Chanel jacket (a costume actually,with pencil skirt,but she went first. I wear all of my suits separately although there are rumours “suit is back” every season)very suitable. Thick material and cream base,I didn’t wear it much.
    I was traveling too,so I’ll comment previous post:
    Beautiful slingbacks,love them,and your outfit is one of my favourites.
    I was thinking about Le pliage travel bag for the same purpose as you a couple of days ago in London,but could’t decide the size or the colour. Is yours the largest one? How are you pleased with it?

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks very much! I just love the cream Tweed and couldn’t resist. I thought it a bit more versatile and less harsh than black for me but the black ones are always so hard to find.
      My slingbacks need to be replaced sadly and I am having a very difficult time finding another! I find this outfit white jeans/navy silk shirt/slingbacks to be most comfortable as well as smart casual enough for most occasions and places – thank you!
      This is my Le Pliage
      I bought it at the airport so was cheaper than online. I am very pleased with it so far and will buy the black version later this month when I next travel. I believe it is the biggest size since it is for travel. The nylon feels very sturdy and plan on using it carefully as with all my bags.
      Hope that helps!

  2. dottoressa

    Dear SPD,thank you very much! It was helpful to know that you like it!
    I suppose there is bigger one,too, width 55cm (while in shop,we were controling airlines limits),so I just couldn’t decide,neither the size nor the colour

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