Closet Additions: Stripey Shirt

STRIPYSHIRTA very quick post today since we’re heading into the Easter Holidays and I am juggling 29 things at once! One of them is packing to go on our next trip in a few days. I can’t believe I didn’t have a stripey shirt and was counting on finding one in the Boy’s department but failed. Instead I found this in the Men’s in a size XS and it’s perfect: washable crisp cotton with all the little details. As a teen I had a favourite pale lemon man’s shirt with a very fine light blue stripe that I wore all the time. In my 20’s I found a blue and white stripe fine cotton shirt by Turnbull and Asser in a charity shop and wore it to death as well. After that I entered the Fashion Wilderness and only fought my way out a few years ago 🙂 This is a very welcome and useful addition that may well find a place in my suitcase.

Thanks for reading!


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