Travel: Easter Packing

CUFF Easter was early this year so we actually spent the weekend at home then flew off. These are a few of my Hermès SLGs with the new to me cuff I recently acquired, when I wear it I feel empowered … just like Wonder Woman 🙂 I should have got two!EASTER16PACKING This time we had check in luggage and I used the Lindy here and here which has proved to be an excellent travel bag. It’s roomy and sturdy. I would love to have another in the 26 size in Swift leather which would lighten the bag double fold. Personally I feel the 30 and 26 sizes look best in a Lindy.

From my travel in February, I realised that it was possible to simplify my packing further to use black and white as the colour scheme with only one or two bold accessories, only the one bag and cuff. I packed one 90cm mousseline scarf and one in silk twill but only used the mousseline. I had 2 pairs of sandals plus the sneakers for travel but forgot to pack a 3rd pair of sandals in black which I forgot to make a note of from last time. Aside from that everything worked out very well so I know I am ready to face the carry on only challenge next!

ww2About what I said earlier 🙂

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