Travel: Monochrome


BWAs little as 2 years ago I would never have conceived a monochrome holiday wardrobe – white yes but never black. However, the more we traveled the more this combination works. I will discuss more in another post. The key is travel and not just holiday. We have never been one for parking ourselves in one place at our destination so it’s always very much about moving and exploring. Above (the wind whipped up just as the photo was taken sorry for the messy hair!) is a crop wide tailored trousers and silk shirt combination which is a favourite at home and away. From my last trip, I know it pays to have at least one pair of tailored trousers and a silk shirt . The day before I wore the same things but with a plain black tee.ALLWHITEThe all white: trusted linen Kimono top and linen mix trousers also here. The hotel bathroom was very well stocked with toiletries daily. They actually left double of everything!ALLBLACKAll black again this time with the black linen mix trousers version and a cotton top.LINDYMOUSSELINE2The Lindy and vert anis silk mousseline complimented the monochrome better than expected. It’s not my first mousseline, which was here and here. So that’s the summary of my travel wardrobe this time and all that I can do now is share some hotel photos. We stayed at the Radisson Blu Hotel Deira Creek, Dubai. It’s a 4 star hotel but I would say a very good 4! The only missing items in the room were the fluffy slippers and robes. The other thing that happened to be going on at the time of our stay was the pool was being rebuilt so not only no swimming we could hear the workers drilling in the mornings – not loudly but there. I was aware of the lack of pool but not for the construction noise.QUEENQueen room that was next to the … TWIN Twin roomROOMIt was not a huge room but still plenty big enough to be comfortable. FRUITWe received a complimentary fruit bowl for each room and water daily. The Paul goody was ours 🙂 BALCONY Each room had a small balcony looking out on to the open Creek (and construction but we stayed in preference for an interior facing room).FOYERChecking out. We hired a car at the airport so we could explore at our own pace. I would say it’s relatively cheap depending on the vehicle of course. The problem is if one uses the taxi service, there are invariably long queues at the shopping malls and in the hotter months, you simply do not want to add that to your day. Driving is on the right and the roads are a curious mix of British and USA freeway style driving. About the style of driving, it’s crazy and I have to adopt a passive aggressive mode to expect everything that can and does happen! The roads are a dream otherwise, wide, smooth as a runway and clean.

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12 thoughts on “Travel: Monochrome

  1. gk

    Very impressed you were willing to drive! I’m very intimidated by driving in foreign places. Love the black and white travel capsule, very sleek and sophisticated!

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thanks very much! I’ve improved a lot with my packing but can do better with more practice. We have visited Dubai many times before so I was already familiar with the roads. It’s something else that I have had to learn to get over my natural aversion to doing.

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