Spring Wedding 2016

WED2I must apologise for not replying to comments lately, it’s just been an extra busy time and here is one of the reasons why, a family wedding to attend. Planning what to wear is never easy for weddings and more so when it is in Spring because you have that chaos factor of not knowing whether temperatures would effectively require Winter wedding mode or Summer mode and anything in between including rain. WED3I was all prepared to buy new stuff for the children but knew I must have something somewhere ready to use again. My hunch was right and this is it – a silk georgette print sleeveless dress from c.2006 by Hugo Boss. Even back then (while I was in the Fashion Wilderness), I knew this was a dress not to pass on, it’s classic, has a belt and pockets and is beautifully made. So beautifully made, it could be worn inside out, now that is something in this day and age.WEDAnyway, I was delighted to wear it with the grey Brora cashmere cardi, the block neutral heels also here and a lovely little vintage silk satin bag I found in a charity shop c.1991 for £5 if I remember correctly – a perfect size for all my needs for the entire event. It may be a very conservative look with my pearl set and I do try to mix things up and not wear straight classic and conservative all the time because it can be too serious even for me, but a) it’s not my event and b) photos need to stand the test of time 🙂

PS: I spent time putting on my make up even though it was my usual – just more of it although you hardly notice the difference, I felt better for it. The prep was the most time consuming but worthwhile from here.WED5

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Spring Wedding 2016

  1. gk

    love that you have considered the timelessness of the outfit for photos – that’s a very good tip.
    you look beautiful!

  2. dottoressa

    I like it! And love Hugo Boss
    My outfit for my cousin’s daughter First Communion lunch today was very similar,although my old MM silk flower dress and DK cosy cardigan were something like dark magenta/plum


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