Spring: Closet Additions and Replacements

748289_fr_xl1008370_1Adding a couple of items that will be very useful this season. A Theory knitted midi skirt top has just the right amount of flare and is machine washable so very much a capsule travel item. It’s also a good thickness which also makes it transeasonal. I’ve always loved espadrilles and never found any over the last several years that were a good fit until these ones. I generally prefer to have a more covered style during the warmer weather and save my barest footwear for the poolside/beach and very rarely anywhere else.663088_fr_xlI’ve already finished my Spring/Summer shopping list that happily was short and contained more replacements than additions to my wardrobe. This is a very important point of progress for me as a reforming hoarder and general greedy guts in the clothes and accessories departments. 707026_fr_xlI adore wearing shirts and find them more versatile and comfortable than a tee so have added the white at the top and the navy ramie shirt above is something I’ve been searching for because a dark shirt has been so very useful for me for the last year (more about that later). I have a navy/cotton shirt that’s in danger of falling apart having been so well used. 712789_in_xlI adore the ankle tie/strappy shoes as well but these just looked too trendy on me so they were a (rare) pass. Black sandals are a thing for me as I always wear a lot of white in Summer and find that they punctuate an outfit really well. 728313_in_xl My old denim skirts are passed their best and so this is one replacing them.734645_fr_xlI only have the one Summery black top here and it’s got more use than I expected. In fact my all black outfits are making a proper return, updated for my current lifestyle. Whether I am home and have unexpected meeting or anything on the smart side of casual, a good tailored pair of trousers and dark shirt or top will always suffice and that feels just fine! This top is better in real life and I can’t wait to wear it when er Spring returns. I also added a couple more tailored pants in black like above and in navy linen.

I surpassed this shopping list to include a couple of boots that replace my old faithfuls ie ankle Chelsea boots (proper ones with the elasticated sides) and some flat pointy toes in black to join the others that get good rotation during the Autumn/Winter/Spring seasons. I still need to find a replacement to my pointy toe sling backs that will probably happen next Winter at this rate 🙂 And a proper waterproof little raincoat with a hood that’s not a parka (these will be passed to our son now since they’re all XS from the Men’s department anyway). I saw a woman wearing one recently but was just too shy to ask about it. Not bad at all if I don’t get too distracted … 🙂

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Spring: Closet Additions and Replacements

  1. happyface313

    🙂 Wow, you’ve been very good!
    I’ve only gotten stocked up on a couple of tees in my favorite pink and purple shades. These colors are so hard to find, so when I see them, I’ll always buy at least two of a shade if I feel it suits me.
    Good luck with your rain coat!
    Have a very HAPPY weekend 🙂

  2. dottoressa

    The shirts look great. If I may ask,where are they from?
    I am completely in a white-black phase last month or so,only the scarfs undermine the no-colour scheme (it was very hot,so I started to wear white jeans,than it turned cold),and I like it

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you so much! Of course, with pleasure, the white one is MiH, the navy by Theory. I’ve found a black skirt to complete the set now. Yes me too, I like my scarves, bags and cuffs to add colour these days.

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