KHAKIPINKThe weather currently is a lot like my midlife hormones! This is the most changeable Spring of the last several years and I’m constantly checking the weather forecast.KHAKIPINK2 Out to lunch again and making sure I’m covered for all eventualities: sleeveless linen shirt, cashmere cardi and light trench with slouchy pants and plimsolls. A shawl as well just in case.KHAKIPINK3It was grey and rained during our lunch but by the time we emerged, the sky was blue and sunny. I collected my new sunglasses to celebrate!

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Cold/Hot/Warm

  1. dottoressa

    You look smart and prepared for every situation!
    Weather here is unusually awful and abnormal,too,especially for May .
    I had jeans,brogues,sweater,t shirt,scarf and light waterproof hooded parka this morning. Plus the umbrella and car-nothing has helped!


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