Shoe Story

CCThese are Chanel flat sandals – more about them later.

I stopped wearing court shoes/pumps basically when I didn’t have to look corporate anymore. The style don’t suit my feet and whilst I never suffered as much as some others, it was always a struggle to find styles that were both comfortable and stylish. Hence in my London living days pounding the pavements of Bond, Oxford, Regent Streets, I mostly wore ankle boots and variations on the sling back or Mary Jane styles (mainly from Bally). After the baby years aka The Fashion Wilderness, I found myself trying to get back into court shoes again – Louboutins was just about everywhere then – but thankfully it was not to be. Inevitably there was a reaction to the red soles and more comfortable styles started to be more available (in my tiny size too!) such as brogues, flat courts with pointy toes (more substantial than the ballerinas), loafer and slipper styles soon followed. Fabulous – no more compromising on comfort for style! I don’t think our feet have ever had it so good!

At the same time I loved finding vintage Bally shoes and boots that always were a good fit for my feet. I don’t buy anymore and have a little collection to enjoy. Among these vintage shoe finds were a pair by Chanel that I love but struggled to style – more about those some other time. I shied away from the two tone ballet flats and thought that was that …. until I spied these sandals. They are flats and the details are amazing!CC2I just put them on with what I happened to wearing when they arrived in the post – the linen shirt from here – crushed after a bit of housework, and black linen mix trousers also here. They are 2 tone but in a different way and I imagine wearing them with most things. I allowed myself them as they are different enough from the nude sling backs I’m still looking to replace. These are more ‘me’ than the the lace up flats that’s been all the rage the last few seasons. I found a pair for Teen Girl at the same time.CC3She has wide feet like most of us in the family and was very happy they fit and were comfortable. It’s a tricky phase she’s in now when shoes she used to wear are a bit too young for her yet she cannot throw herself completely into the women’s range like all her friends have done. By the way, that used to be my dress … 🙂

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Shoe Story

  1. rukshanaafia

    So your daughter is following in your footsteps ? Yes I can see the dress is very much your style as are the lace-up flats . I used to hate lace-ups because of the nuisance factor but they have been more elegant recently whether sandals or not .


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