Closet Audit: Organisation I

DRAWER3 This is my tentative first step in transforming my wardrobes into organised heaven – umm ok, just organised will do! First the drawers and here is a top drawer containing the H scarves (90cm) in a few boxes. The top one is quite deep so I have stored most of them in there. Then the shawls and miscellaneous other scarves. There is a residual pile of tees at the front right which will not be replaced as they wear out which they have started to do already.DRAWER4Next down is the mainly cotton knits: cardis and shirts that are too thick for this season. These will diminish and not be replaced. Rolling really works to save space and let you see at a glance!DRAWER5The cotton jumper drawer below. I see these diminishing with time too and not being replaced so I will be left with fewer very good basics that can be upgraded in time. Yes, a strictly neutral zone!DRAWER6 Next set of 3 drawers contain luxe knits such my cashmeres: top drawer where the most worn items are, jumpers and cardis. I don’t plan on adding any more to these since everything is used in rotation.DRAWER7Aran hand knitted jumper, fuzzy cosy cardi and a few very old short sleeve Merino wool jumpers from M&S. I shall probably only keep my Aran jumper going forward.DRAWER8Capes and the thicker cashmeres and hand knit mohair jumper (unseen). These are sufficient for our Winters so no need to add anything.DRAWER1And so we come to the not so successful attempt. I’m not one for rolling my briefs! They’re handy like this and that’s fine for me. I have not made any progress with my lingerie additions and this is what remains after a clear out. Swim cozzies are at the back. My silk slips, nighties and teddies are hung up. DRAWER2The same with my nightwear drawer – this is what remains after a clear out – mostly my husband’s tees! So more thought is needed here. I still have the main closets, shoes and jewels to organise as well, not to mention erm … bags 🙂

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Closet Audit: Organisation I

  1. lady sarah in london

    Great looking forward to more about this! Underwear drawer photos are my pet subject.😃 I posted a link on my big how to fold them, which I realise sounds ridiculous, but is really quite easy and makes all the difference.

  2. gk

    I’m one of those odd people who enjoys organising things so this post is really appealing to me. Love how tidy everything is!


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