Light as a ….. Plume

20PLUME2Over the years I’ve become slightly obssessed with the size and weight of my bags. As well as being aware of the overall size, the intrinsic weight of the bag must be under a certain amount and that is 1kg. The quality of Hermès, Chanel and Céline bags I own usually means they rarely exceed this threshold but some of the heavier leathers by Hermès do or come too close for my comfort. Aside from hobbling about on too high heels or ill fitting shoes – quelle horreur – schlepping around what looks like your whole life and the kitchen sink isn’t the best look.

Introducing my lightest leather bag ever, the 20cm Plume in Beige Epsom:20PLUME

During my travels back in February, I was able to try a 20cm Plume in the store at Heathrow Airport. On me and for me, it was a perfect mini bag size and I resolved to purchase the one I’d been tracking since last year, unsure of how it would look and its capacity. The simplicity of this style does lend itself to bright and beautiful colours as well and maybe this will be in my future … Apparently it is an adaption of a horse blanket bag.

And then this happened too 🙂28PLUME2

The size up at 28cm in black box leather and palladium hardware. I have been yearning for that combination of leather and hardware for the longest time. This is capacious enough for when I have that bit more to carry everyday and travel use. There is another version of Plume bags and that is the Elan which looks elongated because it’s not as tall as the regular Plume. I am not so keen on it because the bag has less depth which is what I need.28PLUME It requires a high degree of skill to make the Plume as it’s sewn inside out then turned out the right side at the end.DUOPLUMEFor comparison: I think the handles are the same, not changed proportionate to the different sizes of the bag.

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