Garden Purple and Kelly Green (again)

CLEMATIS2The second Summer for our Clematis in the garden ready to burst open.CLEMATISLike so, they are more dramatic than last year’s with more petals. I just love flowers. The dark green leaves and purple echo the Kelly and Violet KDT bracelet I am loving.K28VF2 I wear a lot of camel, beige, ecru, ivory, white and knew the green would add interest to the pale hues, especially the beige and camel.K28VF3 This is a mix and match cashmere set: the sleeveless top is from over a decade ago and I never wore it much but hung on to it all those years. As I’m tidying up my knits, I thought to pair it with the more recently acquired camel cardi.K28VF4 The strap is the right length for me but for those of average height or taller, it will be too short.K38VF7I went shopping to my local M&S Simply Food like this and to pick up a few orders from their Womenswear range that I stopped buying from since 2012, so we’ll see how they turn out.

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