Purple Reign

PURPLESKIRT We can’t help but be affected by the death of Prince and so many other notable celebrities lately. I went to see in concert in Wembley in the early 90’s and still remember exactly what a I wore: black organdi tee, Vivienne Westwood hotpants, Woldford dark grey shimmer opaque tights and black suede ankle strap sandals by Charles Jourdan. We were quite close to the stage and had a great view. I am enjoying my own Purple Phase even more in his memory.

Maybe it was bound to happen, there is a limit to the amount of neutrals one can wear and even though I thought I had a ‘neutral’ wardrobe, colour and print live there too. [Sorry, yes that is a plastic bag hanging off my tree in the background – we are weeding and trimming in the garden.]PURPLESKIRT3 A better view of the colour now that I’m standing in the correct place. Simple white sleeveless linen shirt, ivory cotton cardi and jersey mid length skirt with espadrilles and tote.PURPLESKIRT4It was great to feel a bit in holiday mode thanks to a glorious sunny and hot day. I bought the skirt a few years ago at the start of the move towards longer lengths. But it took a little while to adjust. I like the flared silhouette as it balances out my broad shoulders and when I carry totes.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Purple Reign

    1. silkpathdiary Post author

      Thank you sooo much! It is Ultra Violet in Swift I believe. I also have a Hapi bracelet in Anemone and I always confuse the 2 purples. Have a great w/end!


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