New Year, New Chapter


Hermès Les Jardins d’Armenie shawl, cashmere cardi, cashmere Max Mara dress and coat


*waving* Hello everyone!

It’s so lovely to read your comments in my last post! Thank you! To be honest I didn’t expect for it to be such a long intermission. To be even more honest, that last post was scheduled long ago and I’d completely forgotten about it but it was very timely all the same. I wanted to start posting again.

The last 6 months or so have been too busy in too many ways to list here – not that you’d wish to know about most of it anyway – suffice to say, I had to tend to everything with all my time and effort. But I can share a few points – some of which I’m sure I’ve repeated over the years:

  • be true to yourself above all
  • be kind – a little goes a long way and will surely come back to you
  • nurture your soul – this can be all out religious routines but can be as ‘small’ as a few minutes of composure and focus
  • never lose hope
  • exercise

I’m happy to report that all the effort I put into making a wardrobe that works for my life and style, has rewarded me with dividends in that I’ve not bought anything in the last 6 months except underwear and a replacement for an almost worn out little pea coat. The only thing I need to rectify is to simplify properly. I say properly now because I always knew I wanted a simpler look but it was always difficult because I used to buy duplicates of the same items and succumbed to other items that I really wanted to work for me but didn’t. In the last 6 months, I’ve really got to grips – finally – with what works for me and I can purely focus on. Progress!

  • my cashmere collection (jumpers, cardis, twin sets and socks) have been on rotation all Autumn and Winter
  • my coat collection is just right now
  • my travel packing is a lot better and very easy to organise
  • my accessories are the right balance between beauty and function

So really I’ve nothing to complain about, only the guilt of having too much of everything! But I’m much better at parting with things now and hope that although I’ll never be minimalist in my approach, my wardrobe will be a lot more streamlined and functional. I’m all about using everything, nothing is for ‘best’ or special occasions. If I don’t use it then I must lose it ha ha! And it’s true that I’ve reached for all the things I love.

Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “New Year, New Chapter

  1. happyface313

    🙂 I’m happy you’re back. You’ve been missed.
    Congratulations on your great organization and I’m looking forward to seeing your new combinations of “old” things.
    Have a very HAPPY week 🙂

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