Spring Forward 2017


My run around lately: cashmere/skinny jeans/brogues and Plume 28cm. Silk camisole at M&S.

My habit has been to shop out of season. Yes, most of that was all tied up with the old cycle of Sales we used to have and when it got to the point of being bombarded with sales every month, I knew it was time to plan a different way to shop. At the same time I started thinking about how I wanted my wardrobes to be because they were growing uncontrollably. It was very, very difficult of course but I took back control – had to – and devised a twice yearly shopping list, broadly one for the cold months and the other for the warmer months of the year. I also learned to focus on only the look that suits me and my life. I realised my most successful items were tran-seasonal and machine washable. Success for me means when an item makes me feel wonderful and is both comfortable to wear and easy to maintain (=machine washable). And perhaps more importantly I continue to find pleasing and will wear multiple times in a few different ways because they work with my life and my existing clothes.

My best example are silk shirts. I really love them and they were part of my corporate work uniform when I used to be office bound. They languished during the decade of my baby years and afterwards I still didn’t really know how to wear them again. Then I started wearing jeans again and it was a light bulb moment of mixing the luxe with the casual. It’s a great new kind of uniform for me that works pretty much anywhere and everywhere I go in my life. All I had to do was change my bag and/or shoes to specify the occasion as required. The same silk shirts worn with softly tailored trousers became my updated version of work wear when required to look slightly more business like than wearing bf jeans! Furthermore, the same combination of silk shirt/tailored pants even travels very well – literally. The main drawback for me? They were dry clean only – sad face.

So for Spring, I knew I had to invest in machine washable silk shirts – thank you M&S! They are a perfect weight, substantial enough for Autumn and light enough for Spring and cool Summer evenings. At the same time, the counter point for the silk are linen shirts that I wear a lot and work so well as casual alternatives.

And that’s basically it for Shopping List 1 of the year. Come the end of Summer, I will look at my Winter stuff and see  if there’s anything that needs replacing as I don’t anticipate needing anything new.

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